The sunset today is tranquil, yellow ball of fire looked gorgeous from my bedroom window. The clouds around it started changing to hues of orange as if they blushed at the warm touch of the sun. It sunk low to the hills; I stood watching the line where heaven touched the earth. This peace and happiness lasted for very few minutes. “Knock-knock”, drunken monster reached home. His arrival gave birth to butterflies in my stomach. I, Sarah was cursed to have such father. My mom’s enticing eyes were as wide as if my father was coming to deliver a fatal blow. Slow and deliberate, the door handle turned. Merciless, rock-hearted creature broke through the freaky door and started rushing towards my mom. I was trapped in my own psychosis, a living nightmare. My brain’s playing on its deepest fears. “Enough is enough, go fight against the monster” — my heart screamed to my brain. All the adrenaline made me so strong; I started pushing him to the corner of the room. Teary eyes of mine found him lying down with shock. I could hear my breathe; my heart was racing at tremendous speeds. It seemed like a moment of eternity which actually lasted for few minutes. Soon the situations stopped boiling, everyone fell asleep.

Cool breeze sneaked into my room and woke me up. I got out of my bed and started walking downstairs. “Sarah, ask your father to wake up!” my mom in a deep low tone looking at me with swollen, teary eyes, sitting beside my merciless father. “November 10, 2012 –my mom’s Independence day”, I murmured to myself. Surprisingly every single drop of my tears is refusing to roll down my eyes. From now on, the peaceful evening sunset beauty will never invite terror. “Celebrate the demon’s death”, my heart started singing like a caged bird beating her wings, who was about to set free. Somewhere to the rock bottom, it’s moaning as it never tasted the essence of father’s love.

Days passed by, my dream to work for Indian army also passed by. Finally the day when my mother heard my first cry arrived. Today the sunset’s looking more electrified. I am enlivened about the secret gift which my mom promised to reveal me today. “Darling, your gift’s downstairs” — on hearing mom’s words I started running downstairs desperately like a cork from a bottle of champagne. It’s shocking to see a trimmed man sitting over sofa. I really wonder why he seems like an oasis in a storm of stress. “Go get a coffee for Vishnu”, my mom conveyed; “he’s going to be your soul mate”, she whispered. I am all sixes and sevens; I don’t know what exactly is going in my mind. “Don’t worry, he works for Indian army which was your unaccomplished dream, he is the right one”, my mom said patting my shoulder. I conveyed my acceptance with a tiny smile on my face.

Time is a thief, years passed by and my mom passed away. Whenever I miss her, the adorable smile and touch of my son washes away my sadness. “Sarah, here’s a gift before I leave to borders; open it only when you are confused about life and need a direction to move on”, my husband said hugging me. This hug seems different; this send-off looks more heart-breaking. I started fishing in the sea of loneliness. Clock is ticking, sunset also seems different I feel the biggest star is being swallowed away by the hills. Silhouettes of birds are flying home across the sky; I am waiting for my bird to reach home from borders. Weeks are passing by; “Mama, when will papa bring me toffees?” is left unattended.

“Knock-knock”- on hearing it my shoes started dancing without me. Sight of a box covered with India flag drowned me in a sea of grief. It’s proud to see the resting soul of my husband being saluted along with the Indian flag. “Mama where is papa going?” my little hero started questioning: “To protect our India’s pride dear”- I said. Something’s calling me from the window where I usually sit and admire sunset, so I started walking towards home while gratification sat over my shoulders. The gift given by my husband is the first thing which stole my attention.

On opening it, a letter was found which read:

“God made the earth;

Man made confining countries

And their fancy-frozen boundaries

But with unfound boundless love

I behold the borderland of my India

Expanding into the World

Better than heaven or Arcadia

I love thee, O my INDIA!!!

- Paramahansa

Sweetheart, very few are blessed to get the elbow room to serve their nation. I wish to bless our son with that great opportunity.”

After reading this I asked my son, “Will u go along with your papa?”

I can feel his beauty that can save our country; he will be the mighty weapon of India. His death for the cause of nation can stir thousands of hearts.


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